GSAG Supports the Harassment Free-AAG Initiative

At the 2019 AAG Annual Meeting in Washington D.C., AAG launched a campaign to foster an enjoyable experience for all, and promote “positive culture in culture and respect for dignity of each individual.”

Professional ideas and information are exchanged most effectively at the AAG Annual Meeting and other AAG events in an atmosphere free of discrimination or harassment and characterized by courtesy and respect. To that end, the AAG expects all individuals who attend the national conference or who participate in other AAG-sponsored events to conduct themselves in a manner that establishes an atmosphere free from discriminatory practices. All participants are expected to treat others with respect and consideration, follow venue rules, and alert staff or security when they have knowledge of dangerous situations, violations of this Event Conduct Policy, or individuals in distress. The purpose of this policy is three-fold: to foster a positive, harassment-free environment; to offer support for victims of harassment, and to provide for disciplinary action for violations of the policy.  This Conduct Policy applies to all attendees and participants at any AAG-sponsored event, including in online venues, and at AAG-sponsored meeting social events. All who register to participate, attend, speak at, or exhibit at an AAG event agree to comply with this Policy.

AAG Non-Discrimination and Harassment Policy on

We highly encourage you to promote these same ideals in your departments, professional and academic spaces, and in the communities you are apart of. We’re looking forward to continuing these conversations on ensuring the geographic discipline and annual meeting locales remain harassment-free. Please consider keeping the support services and resources suggested by the AAG accessible to you and your peers. For more information, please visit the AAG Non-Discrimination and Harassment Policy website.

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