2023-2024 GSAG Board Elections

We are no longer seeking nominations for the 2022-2023 GSAG Board. Keep an eye out in the early spring of 2023 for the 2023-2024 GSAG election nominations.


We are excited to launch the nomination and election cycle for the incoming 2022-2023 GSAG Board! GSAG welcomes all who are interested in service and leadership to serve in some capacity on the board, regardless of election outcome. We welcome your input and encourage your continued participation in supporting the graduate student experience with AAG.

The following board positions are accepting nominations:

Vice-Chair: This position requires a two year minimum commitment; on the first year, they will serve as Vice-Chair, and on the second year, they continue to serve in the Chair position. As Vice-Chair, they will help monitor the implementation of short-term goals, assist the Chair to fulfill their responsibilities, and organize relevant AAG sessions/activities as desired. Gets checks for grantees, communicate between the AAG and award winners to ensure that they receive their checks, stay aware of all GSAG finances, reports on membership numbers and budget (liaison between AAG and GSAG on all financial matters), collaborate with the organization on relevant AAG sessions/activities as desired.

Secretary: Solicit information, prepare, and send out a biannual newsletter, keep minutes at GSAG meetings, maintain website and social media presence, collaborate with the organization on relevant AAG sessions/activities as desired.

GSAG Award Committee Member: supports the GSAG board through the promotion and evaluation of the annual GSAG award cycle, provide constructive and creative input into award evaluation rubric, and prepare and distribute award notification messages. Note: member of the committee disqualify themself from submitting a GSAG award application the year they are selected to serve. We welcome previous GSAG award recipients to apply.

Election Timeline:

  • Nominations will be accepted between March 9, 2022 – April 9, 2022
  • GSAG Board Elections will take place April 13, 2022 – April 20, 2022