Call for Virtual Reality (VR) Field Trip Organizers

Call for Virtual Reality (VR) Field Trip Organizers

Help create a well-rounded, dynamic experience of AAG’s 2021 Annual Meeting, by participating in the development of virtual reality field trips. Join the member-led effort to harness VR technology for rich, virtual engagements with the geography of Seattle and the surrounding region.

How to Get Involved:

Help identify field trip topics of interest to geographers. Topics can span the entire breadth of the discipline of geography (e.g. urban geography, place, culture, fluvial geomorphology). If you have an idea or a topic you would have liked to explore yourself in place, please fill out the details in this form.

Join a virtual “tour guide” team. Join in small teams to organize virtual tours, drawing from your expertise and experience as “tour guides” in and around the Seattle area. This would involve writing the storyboard, selecting stops along a tour and introducing the location or area – in text, audio, or potentially video. If you are interested in this slightly-more-involved role, please fill out the details here.

Make the VR content. Help convert tour materials to a format suitable for consumption, using simple VR tech like Google Cardboard. If you are familiar with creating VR content or enthusiastic about learning, then please use this form to register your interest.

Last but not least, participate in a virtual field trip. If you are registered for AAG 2021 Seattle, congratulations! The virtual field trips will have room for you, no advanced sign-up or payment required, although each participant will need to acquire their own VR viewer (Cardboard viewers used with smartphones are available online for as little as $10).

Details about virtual tour options will be available soon through the annual meeting website. Once the meeting is over, the field trips will be shared for free.

We will start assembling teams in the 3rd week of October (even more info is here)


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